Home Projects

Hello and welcome! I'm an Indigenous (TaĆ­no and Guachichil) software engineer trying to do some good in the world. I love creating things - mostly through design and programming, but I also enjoy more traditional mediums like visual art. I'm almost always either making something or learning something new. Recently I've been doing more hands-on hardware and ecological projects, like modifying my own furniture and rewilding my yard with native plants.

I graduated from the University of Maryland in December of 2020. It had come after various other accomplishments throughout high school and college - including congressional awards, helping with cancer research at a bioinformatics lab, starting a YouTube channel, working for various startups, and eventually launching my own company. I don't do as much these days, but I still save time for projects. Normally I would start projects for projects' sake, but recently I've been keeping focused on a handful of more impactful ideas. I don't want to develop and promote anything unless I know it will help someone and make a real difference.